The Sun Will Come Out...

As I think about tomorrow, my mind is full of song lyrics and quotes...

It has been a long, cold, lonely winter...  After beginning the off season with a host of developments to talk about:

  • "Joe Girardi is gone?"
  • "Aaron Boone is the manager?"
  • "Tanaka is staying!"
  • "The Yankees actually got Giancarlo Stanton!!!!"

there hasn't been much exciting Yankees news at all.  More, it's been a serious of unfounded rumors and hopes.  The big name starting pitcher that was supposed to come, never did.  The Gerrit Cole deal that was reported as a done deal for weeks never came to fruition.  And we now find that the Yankees didn't even make an offer to Yu Darvish.  (They didn't even make an offer?!   How do you not, at least, make an offer?)  In short, it's been weeks and weeks, and months and months, of hopes, with really nothing happening.  

At least, beginning tomorrow, there will be baseball.  

The Sun will come out tomorrow... Beginning tomorrow there will be Yankees news on a daily basis.  Certain players, like Aaron Hicks and Greg Bird, will arrive at camp ready to prove themselves and take claim to their positions.  We'll hear stories about how certain players have prepared all winter to be in the best shape of their lives.  Some players will come to camp bulked up, while others will have slimmed down.  I always look forward to the traditional stories that state that "Player X has never hit the ball so hard" and that "Pitcher Z developed a new pitch that everyone is raving about."  Those are the fun stories of Spring Training.

I need to laugh.  When the sun is out, I have something that I can laugh about...  One of the joys of watching Spring Training (from afar, I'm in New Jersey after all) is hearing the stories of the players, full of excitement, preparing for the season.  Optimism rules the day.  There is sunshine and there are smiles and joy.  It is great to see the players living out OUR dreams of just playing ball.  These are some of the joys of being a fan.  

We few...we band of brothers... One of the special joys of following the Yankees is that during Spring Training there will be a plethora of former great players who arrive at camp to share their perspectives and thoughts and memories.  I can't wait to see Ron Guidry, Reggie Jackson, Hideki Matsui, and so many others on the field interacting with today's players (and hopefully teaching them how to win it all).  Memories will be sparked.  We will all get in touch, if even for just a moment, with our childhoods.  It's all good!

Hope springs eternal... it sure does!

I cannot wait for tomorrow for tomorrow indicates that the 2018 season is right around the corner!

It is baseball, and baseball is good!