Off-Day Classics: Game 7, 2003 ALCS, Red Sox at Yankees (The Aaron Boone Game)

Quick Programming Note -

Our Wednesday Night Classics will be called the OFF-DAY CLASSICS during the season. Rather than airing a video while a live game is being played, we will save the videos for days when the Yankees don’t play. This will give all fans a chance to watch some classic Yankees moments on a night when there otherwise isn’t Yankees baseball.

We will return to Wednesday nights at the conclusion of the season.

The Yankees Way? A Brief Look At How The Championship Teams Were Built, Pt. 1: 1921-23

The Yankees Way?  A Brief Look At How The Championship Teams Were Built, Pt. 1: 1921-23

I contend that throughout their history, when the Yankees have been successful it is because they have used their great financial strength to acquire the necessary talent in order to build the best teams possible. I contend that has been the Yankees way from the very start of their success and it had defined their successful periods right up until the present day.

I decided to look at this in summary form to test my theory. In this new series, I will examine the various successful periods in Yankees history. I will look at the team’s starting players and find out how they were acquired to see if my perspective is correct.

We’ll begin with their first championship era, 1921-1923.

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To My Dad, The Life Long Red Sox Fan...


Teddy Ballgame is smiling down from Heaven on you and your beloved Red Sox.

It always hurts (a lot) to see the Yankees lose, especially to the Red Sox, but, I am glad for you. You suffered for a long time with the Sox and because you are a true fan, you always stayed loyal to your team. Enjoy this ride - the winning doesn’t ever happen enough.

It is good the Sox are winning in your 80th year. It’s a wonderful year-long birthday present.

And now that the Yankees are done, just for you, I’ll say “Go Red Sox!”