Yankees Trivia - All-Time Hits Leaders

Ok, Yankee fans.  Do you think you can name the Yankees Top 20 Players All-Time in hits as a Yankee?

Let's have at it...

Once again, to make this a little easier, as we go own the list, I'll add some clues...


  1. He is the only guy on the list with 3,000 hits
  2. An Iron Horse
  3. The home run leader places third
  4. He played center field
  5. He played center field 
  6. He played center field
  7. This year he'll be without Stanton
  8. His real first name is Lawrence
  9. He tutored #8 (literally and as it appears on the list)
  10. A member of the 1927 Yankees outfield
  11. An outfielder who ended his career playing in Japan
  12. Push-Em Up
  13. An underrated second baseman
  14. Hip Hip!
  15. With all the great Yankees, he's higher than you think.  Right? (Now in Seattle)
  16. HOLY COW!
  17. From Seatlle to Texas to the NY Yankees
  18. A first baseman from the early years
  19. Another Murderers' Row outfielder
  20. The Captain


  1. Derek Jeter
  2. Lou Gehrig
  3. Babe Ruth
  4. Mickey Mantle
  5. Bernie Williams
  6. Joe DiMaggio
  7. Don Mattingly
  8. Yogi Berra
  9. Bill Dickey
  10. Earle Combs
  11. Roy White
  12. Tony Lazzeri
  13. Willie Randolph
  14. Jorge Posada
  15. Robinson Cano
  16. Phil Rizzuto
  17. Alex Rodriguez
  18. Wally Pipp
  19. Bob Meusel
  20. Thurman Munson