The Yankees New Quarterback

According to a host of reports, including the Yankees' Twitter and his own Twitter, Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson is now a Yankee!

I love this deal for a variety of reasons.

1) It is absolutely fun!  We need more fun in baseball.  Stories like this always bring a smile.  As the players and the owners argue over contracts and pace of play, moves like this bring levity and joy.

2) Russell Wilson is a champion, a true winner, and from all accounts, a classy person.  With Wilson at Spring Training, the young Yankees core will get to hear about what it takes to win from one of football's most successful athletes.  Russell Wilson has worked tremendously hard to become the player he is.  Many "experts" felt he was too short to be an impactful NFL quarterback.  The messages he'll bring through his presence and words will be invaluable to the Yankees.  Invaluable.  Remember, also, while the Yankees always bring successful people to camp, one legend, a certain Derek Jeter, will be absent.  Wilson will bring Jeter's type of presence into the locker room.  And, like most other winners who stop by, Wilson will be able to train with the team.  He's not a great player with a legendary past, he's a great player who is living his legendary present.

3) During the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, Mike Trout was seen hanging out with the Eagles.  Was this the reason the Eagle won?  Of course not.  Still, there is something to be said about players also being fans.  Who knows, maybe Russell Wilson can be present as the Yankees prepare for games in Seattle this summer.  The Yankees will be playing in Seattle on September 7, 8 and 9.  That is at a time in the season when players are often starting to feel run down, just after the dog days of August.  Heading into the locker room and seeing Russell Wilson might give the players an added spark of energy, motivation, or joy as they gear up for the pennant race.