Re-Cap: Yankees 4, Blue Jays 0

A shutout is a great way to begin the second half of the season. Domingo German, the Yankees’ starter, was extremely impressive. The Yankees’ offense, not quite as much, they only scored in one inning, but, they got the job done. That’s all they needed to do.

Let’s get to a quick recap:

DOMINGO - The Yankees need a big time starting pitcher. Absolutely. Positively. Entering the season, very few (if any) people thought that that big time starter would be Domingo German. When he’s been healthy, though, German, absolutely, has been that pitcher. Absolutely. Positively. German is now 11-2 on the season. When he’s been healthy, he has been every bit the dominant pitcher that the Yankees have needed. In fact, he has been everything the Yankees hoped Luis Severino would be.

German has had success because he allows very few hits, he has great control (very few walks), and he strikes out more than one batter an inning. Last night, he pitched to that exact formula - going six innings, allowing only three hits, walking no batters, and striking out seven.

For the 2019 season, Domingo German has struck out 90 batters in 82 innings. His WHIP is 1.05. Since walking five batters in five innings in his first start of the year, German has walked only 14 batters in 78 innings.

After allowing a lead-off single last night, German retired the next 15 batters in a row he faced.

I don’t know what more needs to be said or can be said. German has been great. Coming off the Injured List, he’s now had two great starts (allowing one run over 12 innings). He’s pitching, again, like he did to begin the year.

It’s fun to watch dominance.

One Big Inning - You know, that’s all it takes. Get more runs than your opponent.

All of the scoring took place in the home frame of the 5th inning. Brett Gardner led off the frame with a hatchet-like swing that drove the ball into the right field corner. As soon as he saw the ball zoom out of the reach of first baseman Justin Smoak, Gardner was off to the races. It’s great fun watching speedy players running as hard and as fast as they can. Gardner dove into third with a triple, but the Jays never even made a play on him.

Following the triple, D.J. LeMahieu hit a hard grounder up the middle that could have been a hit, but became a fielder’s choice run scoring ground out. That sole run was all the Yankees needed, but they got a few more.

Aaron Judge then singled to center. Aaron Hicks followed with a double that moved Judge to third. Jays’ pitcher Aaron Sanchez then got way ahead of Gary Sanchez 0-2 (then 1-2) before hitting him with a pitch. With the based loaded, Edwin Encarnación then drove them all home on this blast:

Gary The Speedy - On his double to lead off the bottom of the fourth inning, and then on Encarnación’s double, Gary Sanchez was flying around the bases. He is bringing his game up day after day. This year, Sanchez is the player the Yankees (and their fans) have been waiting for.

Bullpen - The Yankees’ bullpen followed German’s six innings by pitching well themselves. Tommy Kahnle went one inning (2 hits, no runs). Chad Green then went the final two innings. He allowed but one hit and struck out three. I, for one, like the idea of using a pitcher like Green for multiple innings to give the rest of the pen the night off.

A Fan’s Perspective, but…- But, the rest of the bullpen didn’t get the night off. In the 8th inning, Aaron Boone had Nestor Cortez and Zack Britton throwing. Then in the 9th, Boone got Chapman up. I’m sure they all just needed to throw after the All-Star break, but that seemed, to me, from a fan’s perspective, to be a lot of guys throwing (unnecessarily, in the end).

The Best - The Yankees (58-31, .652) now have the best record in baseball. The L.A. Dodgers lost last night and are 60-33 (.645). Of course, it was the Red Sox who defeated the Dodgers, but, hey, you can’t have everything!

Today - J.A. Happ takes on the Jays at 1:05 p.m. Luke Voit is said to be returning to the lineup today.

Welcome Back John - John Sterling returned to the Yankees radio booth last night.