Opening Days - Pack 2

I purchased a hobby box of 2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Cards with the idea of sharing photos and my impressions of the newest cards with the SSTN audience.

My goal over the next few weeks, on most nights, is to open one pack and share the cards from each pack that feature a Yankee (or who I can relate to the Yankees) and any other cards that, for one reason or another, captures my interest.

Let’s get to my second pack of cards!


Well, this was fun! I came across a Chance Adams rookie card. I think, eventually, he’ll be a former Yankees prospect, but for now we can hope for his eventual greatness in New York. There was also a cool “evolution” card that one one side showed Forbes Field (the former home of the Pittsburgh Pirates) and on the reverse side PNC Park (the current home of the Pirates).