Yankees Fall To 1-4 (Series, that is)... And other assorted musings

Yankees’ Series This Season:

  • vs Baltimore - Baltimore wins 2 out of 3 (Yankees 0-1)

  • vs Detroit - Detroit wins 2 out of 3 (Yankees 0-2)

  • @ Baltimore - Yankees sweep, win 3 out of 3 (Yankees 1-2)

  • @ Houston - Yankees swept, lose 3 out of 3 (Yankees 1-3)

  • vs Chicago - Chicago wins 2 out of 3 (Yankees 1-4)

Why I Don’t Believe Much of What Players Say After Wins and Losses:

“…they (the Yankees) needed some fun. “Just having him back and getting this win, this is the start of something right here...”

Of course, the Yankees followed that big, fun, and wonderful win with… a loss.

Why I Don’t Often Listen to the Manager’s Post Game Conference:

The post game press conference above came after the Yankees were swept by the Astros. Manager Boone felt at the time that the Yankees were “really close.”

Well, they just got further away. Following a day off, after this interview, the Yankees came home and dropped two of three to the Chicago White Sox who had been 3-8 before the series with the Yankees. The ice cold Sox had lost five in a row before arriving in New York and winning their first series of the year.

Why I Get Annoyed When I Actually Do Listen To The Manager’s Post Game Press Conference:

The following is transcribed from the clip above:

Meredith Marakovits: “You mentioned being close in the past and tightening things up…seems like mistakes have happened a lot this series…what do you do on your end to try to get these guys to turn the corner?”

Aaron Boone: “Just… nothing…” (and then later) “The intent, the focus, the game plan, I feel like, is all there.”

Some 2019 Batting Averages… and more!!!

  • Greg Bird: .171

  • More Greg Bird: 1 home run and 1 rbi on the season.

  • Even More Greg Bird: 10 games played, 16 strikeouts

  • Brett Gardner: .190

  • Luke Voit: .204

  • Tyler Wade: .176

  • Mike Tauchman: .125