Link: "Yankees Will Regret Passing on Manny Machado"

Yankees will regret passing on Manny Machado and going cheap in the 2018-19 free agent market

Some paraphrased highlights from the article by Steve Politi (

*They won’t get Machado, a generational talent in his prime. They won’t get Bryce Harper, a slugger on a Hall of Fame track… They didn’t even try to get Harper.

*The Yankees… used to stop at no expense to put the best team on the field…

*For the most part, spending gobs of money on the very best players was -- surprise! -- a (very) good strategy.

*Yankees fans were told, again and again, that staying under the luxury-tax threshold for 2018 was a priority to save money for this offseason. Now it’s here, and they’re cheaping out.

*The much-anticipated 2018-19 offseason is nearing an end without the Yankees making that splash everyone had anticipated for years.