Two Recaps For the Price Of One: Yankees Sweep Double Header in Detroit

With the rainout on Wednesday night, the Yankees played two games in Detroit on Thursday. We’ll provide the big stories in recap form right here!

Win/Win - The Yankees won both games of the double header. Game One was a bit easier as they took down Detroit 10-4. The second game was closer, but the Yankees prevailed winning 6-4.

Keep the DH - The Yankees have played seven double headers this year. They split one of them. They swept the other six. The Yankees are a remarkable 13-1 in double header games this year.

7 for 20 -During the sweep, Luke Voit and Gio Urshela each hit their 20th homeruns of the season. The Yankees now have seven players who have hit 20 or more homers this year. The last time the Yankees did that was 2009. That team won the World Series.

Magic Numbers - The Yankees Magic Number to clinch the division is now 5. It is possible that they could clinch the title in Toronto this weekend, but it is more likely that it will occur during their last homestand of the season next week. The Magic Number to clinch home field for the playoffs is now 13..

Happ - In the first game, J.A. Happ (who we later learned is injured - see below) did not allow a run until the fifth inning. He had entered the game with a 15.1 scoreless streak. He left with two outs in the fifth inning and was not able to qualify for the win. He allowed two runs over 4.2 innings.

Big Ben Back - After Chad Green pitched 2+ innings of relief in the first game (Green also earned the win for his efforts), Ben Heller returned to the pitching mound for the first time since 2017. The results weren’t necessarily there (1 inning, 2 hits, 1 walk, one strikeout, 1 homerun), but it is great to see a player battle through Tommy John surgery and return after multiple set-backs.

Judge, Judge, Judge, and Judge - Aron Judge had one hit (a single) and three walks in the opening game. He was on base four times and scored four runs.

Voit, Voit, Voit - Luke Voit had three hits and scored three runs of his own. (He also drove in three.)

Austin - Austin Romine, of course, went 3 for 4.

Where was DJ? - The Yankees scored ten runs in the opener, but DJ LeMahieu went 0-for-6.

C.C. - C.C. Sabathia returned for the second game and pitched into the fourth inning. You have to love this guy’s guts. Sabathia, seemingly always in pain, could have easily sat out the rest of his career, but he battled back to get this start and helped pave the way for the victory. He allowed two runs (3 hits) in 3.1 innings.

German - Domingo German then took over and pitched four innings. He allowed no runs and only two hits. German struck out five. He was the winning pitcher. Domingo German’s 2019 record now stands at 18-4.

Chappy - After Tommy Kahnle couldn’t quite hold off the Tigers, Aroldis Chapman came in to earn the save in the second game.

There is DJ! - LeMahieu had three hits in the second game.

6 Different - Unlike the first game when Aaron Judge and Luke Voit scored and scored and scored, six players scored one run each in Game Two. Those six were DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Judge, Luke Voit, Mike Ford, Gio Urshela, and Tyler Wade.

Injuries (It’s the Same Old Song) - In the first game, the Yankees felled two players. Edwin Encarnación left the game with an oblique injury. For now the Yankees are saying this is day-to-day, but in reality, these core injuries sometimes take a long time to heal. If that’s the case, there is a strong possibility that we have seen the last of Encarnación as a Yankee. There just might not be enough time for him to return, and with him being a free agent at the end of the season, it isn’t likely that he will be resigned. If that was the last of The Parrot, it was a great and fun ride. In 44 games as a Yankee, Edwin belted 13 homers. The word out of the Yankees is they feel that rest will allow this to heal, but we’ve heard that story before (over and over).

We also learned that J.A. Happ has been pitching with tendinitis in his left bicep and that he’s been battling this for some time. He was sent to New York for tests.

Another oblique injury? Another pitcher pitching through an injury? The Yankees, one has to assume, know what they are doing, but, at some point questions have to be asked.

Then, in the nightcap, Gary Sanchez(?)(!) was thrown out trying to steal second base. Gary Sanchez was thrown out trying to steal second base. Gary Sanchez was… (I’m thinking if I write it enough times that this will begin to make sense) and then left the game with a groin injury.

There’s also word that Tommy Kahnle, who pitched in the second game, could have hurt his finger after a dugout tantrum. It seems that Kahnle is ok.

The count - two games, three more injuries.

The Yankees have worked miracles around these injuries all season, but it’s not a pretty look. From the outside, it seems that something is definitely wrong with some approach somewhere. The amount of injuries this team has suffered through and with is just unreal.

There will be more on the injuries with the Tweet of the Day at 3:00 p.m.

Up North - The Yankees will play in Toronto tomorrow night. Masahiro Tanaka will take the mound.

Let’s Go Yankees!