Estevan Florial Inured - Fractures Wrist After Crashing Into Center Field Wall

While this injury will not have an impact on the Major League team since Florial was slated to begin the year, most likely, in Single-A, but it is one that might be more painful than it would seem. Florial was having an outstanding spring batting .355 with one homer (but it was an impressive one - see below) while playing in thirteen games which was among the most of any player on the Yankees.

The aspect of this injury that hurts the team, and the player, will be the lost developmental time. It seems that the injury is one that will take at least two months to heal. Last year Florial also lost significant time after following surgery on that same wrist last year. From my perspective, the loss of time is more impactful than one might imagine. The time lost can never be regained. Florial will now have lost critical time to develop in his age 20 and 21 years. These are critical years for a player when he is competing against similar aged prospects in the low minor leagues. The value of those years, the repetitions in the barring cage and on the field, and in learning the nuances of professional baseball shouldn’t be under estimated.

One perfect example of the impact of lost time is Greg Bird, who at 26 years old (and who is still considered a prospect) (even though he is the same age as two superstars who signed with other teams this year) is still trying to battle back from the loss of playing time that came as a result of his multiple injuries. Once that developmental path is broken, the path to the Major Leagues becomes much more challenging, let alone the path the big league stardom.

For all involved, it seems a two-month timeline for Florial seems to be the early prognosis, but this will be determined better after Florial visits the doctors on Monday.