Happy Thanksgiving! - Commenting Has Returned!

Here at Start Spreading the News, we have a very special way for us to say “Thank You” to all our loyal readers and followers. (Since the site has started, we have enjoyed over 456,000 page views. We appreciate all of our readers and thank you for visiting us!)

As you are aware, as part of our overall system upgrading, we took down the ability for readers to post comments on the site for a little over a month.

After working through a variety of options, we will be bringing the ability to comment back, again through DISQUS. This goes into effect immediately.

We are hoping that we can engage our readers even more by once again giving them the opportunity to weigh in on our posts. We look forward to respectful discussions and debate.

While we welcome thoughtful comments, we do expect all people commenting and posting to follow these simple rules and expectations:

  1. All comments must be respectful. Comments demeaning any writer, blogger, fan, or commentator will not be tolerated.

  2. Any comment with inappropriate language will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to, profanity, sexual references, and threatening or demeaning comments.

  3. We ask that all comments are respectful of other peoples political viewpoints and religious values. We are proud to be a community that welcomes all Yankee fans.

Individuals who do not follow these simple rules will have their accounts blocked on this site and will not be able to post their thoughts.

The comments will stay on the site as long as these rules are followed and as long as the tone of the comments remains respectful.

Please note - Individual writers on this blog might choose to not allow comments on some or all of their posts. That decision rests entirely with each writer. Their decision is supported entirely by the site’s administrators.