There Can Be Only One...

As we all know, right after the break, the Yankees are sitting at the top of the AL East.  And basically all year, their chief rivals have been the plucky Tampa Bay Rays, who are now 6.5 games back.  The hated Red Sox are a full 9 games back.  

Boston’s offense has been as fearsome as expected this year, but their run prevention has been average.  Even Chris Sale has been merely mortal.

Yet, I always come back to the movie and TV series Highlander.  In that program. a race of immortals were gradually killing each other off, one by one, until only one remained (“There can be only one”).  I feel like it’s always that way with the Yankees. Other teams might appear from time to time, but it’s these two immortals that always remain in the end.

I’m thrilled that the Yankees are where they are - especially given the huge number of injuries that they have sustained.  But, despite the evidence so far this season, there has always been this nagging feeling that the Red Sox are the true enemy, not the Rays.  Maybe this is just an irrational fear. Or maybe it’s 52 years of experience. But I can’t help but feeling that at the end, in the final duel, it will boil down to the Yankees and the hated Red Sox.  

This second-half will be interesting to see.