Link: "Yankees Will Regret Passing on Manny Machado"

Yankees will regret passing on Manny Machado and going cheap in the 2018-19 free agent market

Some paraphrased highlights from the article by Steve Politi (

*They won’t get Machado, a generational talent in his prime. They won’t get Bryce Harper, a slugger on a Hall of Fame track… They didn’t even try to get Harper.

*The Yankees… used to stop at no expense to put the best team on the field…

*For the most part, spending gobs of money on the very best players was -- surprise! -- a (very) good strategy.

*Yankees fans were told, again and again, that staying under the luxury-tax threshold for 2018 was a priority to save money for this offseason. Now it’s here, and they’re cheaping out.

*The much-anticipated 2018-19 offseason is nearing an end without the Yankees making that splash everyone had anticipated for years.

A MUST READ on RiverAveBlues:

“With the window of contention wide open, there’s no better time for the Yankees to spend big”

Posted today on RiverAveBlues, Zachary Abate provides great insight as to why right now is the perfect time for the Yankees of today to open up their wallets and to spend like the Yankees of yore.

This is a highly recommended read that truly puts the Yankees financial might into a solid perspective for the thinking fan.