Wednesday Night Classics - A Championship Legacy: 1978

Quick Programming Note -

Our Wednesday Night Classics will be modified during the season and instead will be called the OFF-DAY CLASSICS. Rather than airing a video while a live game is being played, we will save the videos for when the Yankees don’t play. This will give all fans a chance to watch some classic Yankees moments on a night when there otherwise isn’t Yankees baseball.

This feature will return on Thursday, June 27 and Friday, June 28.

We’ll return to Wednesday nights at the conclusion of the season.

Wednesday Night Classic: Yankees vs. Tigers, DH Game 1 from May 14th, 1961

If you were expecting a video this week, instead I decided to throw a change-up.  This is the complete play-by-play radio broadcast of the first game of a Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers double-header from May 14th, 1961.

This truly is a classic.

Sit back, relax, and listen in.  You will be transported back to a different time.