Gio Urshela: Is He For Real?

Gio Urshela: Is He For Real?

There is little question but that the 2019 Yankees would be in the basement of the AL East without the play of all of the depth players that began the year at AAA Scranton. As good as all of those guys have been, one has stood above the rest: Gio Urshela. Prior to this season, Urshela was considered to be little more than a depth infielder. This season has largely changed that perception. In addition to playing good defense at the hot corner (I know that the metrics are mixed - defensive metrics take larger sample sizes to trust, so I am trusting my eyes on this one), Urshela has hit .341/.396/.505 with a .902 OPS, 140 OPS+, and 143 wRC+. Were Urshela to keep up this level of performance over a full season, he would finish with 5-ish WAR, or All-Star caliber production from 3B. Urshela’s current offensive performance is easy to comprehend, but the aforementioned statistics only tell us how Urshela has performed to this point; they say nothing about what we can expect from him moving forward. The question remains: who is Gio Urshela long-term?

(Photo Credit: Kathy Willens, AP)

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What Do You Think? Andujar vs. Urshela?

This is one of those situations where there is no clear cut answer…

Miguel Andujar has demonstrated that he is an outstanding hitter. He’s also demonstrated that he is a poor fielder. With Andujar playing third base, the Yankees would have a bat first player in the field.

Gio Urshela has demonstrated that he is an outstanding fielder. He’s also demonstrated (in his career prior to this year) that he is a poor hitter (lifetime .225/.274/.315). With Urshela in the line-up (and playing third base), the Yankees would gave a glove first batter in the batting order.

Here is the big question…

Which scenario do you consider worse as a fan:

(A) Losing a game because Miguel Andujar makes a critical error that leads to the winning run scoring in the ninth inning?


(B) Losing a game because Gio Urshela grounds out meekly to end the game with the tying runner at third base and the winning run at second base?

(I could have asked this question the opposite way (Which is better, winning with a big hit or a great catch), but all wins feel great. I’m wondering which type of loss feels worse. )

I have debating this with some friends. There is no correct answer.

What is your opinion?

Milestone Watch: Will CC Sabathia Hit 3000 K's vs. Diamondbacks Tonight?

Milestone Watch: Will CC Sabathia Hit 3000 K's vs. Diamondbacks Tonight?

At the end of the 2018 season, CC Sabathia stood at 246 Wins and 2986 Strikeouts. As there were rumors about a potential retirement after the seasons end, Sabathia resigned with the Yankees on a 1-Year/$8 Million deal, with two goals in mind:

250 Wins to be the 48th most pitcher wins in MLB history & 13th for Left-Handed pitchers

3000 Strikeouts for 17th in MLB History* & 3rd All-Time for LHP* (*CC is already 17th Overall and 3rd LHP on the Strikeout list.)

As we head into another Sabathia start this evening against the Arizona Diamondbacks, he is currently sitting at 247 Wins and 2997 strikeouts.

As 250 Wins is literally unobtainable in this game, lets try and predict, inning-by-inning, if/when CC Sabathia hits the 3000 K milestone tonight. (CC has also stated that he wants to also hit a home run tonight, although I can’t predict those odds.)

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