PASSING THE TIME - Baseball Book Thread

Today's post is built from a great article by Mike Whiteman from a few days ago:  My Favorite Yankees Item where he shared that the book Dynasty by Peter Golenbock holds a treasured spot in his collection of baseball items.

As we pass the long hours waiting for the Yankees game tonight, I figured I'd invite our readers to share their favorite baseball books as well.  

These do not have to be Top 10 lists or be filled with long descriptions.  Just let us know which books you have enjoyed.  Through this exercise, maybe we will each find a new book to read.

Throughout the day, I'll make some quick posts that highlight just some of my favorite baseball books, but I'll leave the commentary to all of you.  (There are far too many great baseball books for me to list, but I'll highlight just a few - one each hour.  They aren't all about the Yankees...)

You can also see some baseball books that I have enjoyed by reading my baseball books reviews (see link at the top of the page under "Popular Content").  For variety, I will not link highlight any of those books today.