The SSTN One in a Million Challenge!!!

In late October 2017, Start Spreading the News began its life as a Yankees blog. Re-branded from the wonderful site It’s About The Money (we still have their archives above), Start Spreading the News was our attempt to continue to provide a high-quality Yankees blog for Yankees (and baseball) fans.

The results, so far, speak for themselves. We have created a loyal following. We are also constantly growing. Thank you! We appreciate all of your support.

One day, hopefully very soon, we’ll have our one millionth page view. One millionth! That’s 1,000,000.

That’s pretty cool. THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR READERS!!!

As a way to show our appreciation, to all our followers, we are bringing back this simple contest. All you need to do is guess the exact day that we will have our one millionth page view in order to win.

The Contest - In the comments to this post, predict the exact day that we will have our one millionth page view. (We ran this contest a short while back and no one guessed the correct day, so we’ll try again!)

If you guess correctly, we’ll contact you through the comments page and arrange to send the small prize pictured below (a vintage 1985 Yankees scorecard and three 1987 Topps Don Mattingly baseball cards) to you.

To keep this fair, you can enter only once and you can only enter one date.

We’ll do this on a first come, first-served basis. As such, the first person to pick a date on the calendar gets that date. Otherwise, it’s pretty simple. Pick a day that no one else has chosen and hope that we reach page view one million on that day.

Please also put all of your questions in the comments below so that all readers can see them.

Good Luck and THANK YOU for being part of our success.

Go Yankees!