Game Thread #15: CWS (4-9) vs NYY (6-8)

Bird’s wings clipped. T-Man gets a start vs LHP. Gleyber moved out of clean-up slot. Higgy gets another start. LeMahieu leads off.


Garcia, CF
Moncada, 3B
Abreu, DH
Alonso, 1B
Jimenez, LF
Anderson, SS
McCann, C
Palka, RF
Sanchez, 2B
Rodon, P

LeMahieu, 2B
Judge, RF
Torres, SS
Voit, 1B
Frazier, DH
Gardner, CF
Urshela, 3B
Higasioka, C
Tauchman, LF
Tanaka, P

Game on YES and MLBN (out-of-market)