The Jury Is Out: A Quick Update on the 12 Yankees on the Injured List

If you could’ve predicted that after the Yankees 12th game of the season, they would have been placing their twelfth player on the Major League Injury List, go out and buy a Mega Millions (Jackpot at $157 Million) or PowerBall ($101 Million) ticket, and don’t forget who reminded you to do so.

On a more serious note however, the Yankees have had been affected pretty seriously by the numerous injuries this season, and while it isn’t the greatest excuse for their poor performance so far this season (mainly because they’ve dropped a lot leads late into games), it’s understandable why people gravitate towards saying it.

Out of the 30 teams in the Majors, the Yankees obviously lead the league with the most players on the IL at 12, with the next closest being the Pittsburgh Pirates at 10 players. (The team with the least injuries is the San Francisco Giants, currently with 1 player on the IL.)

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the latest news about all 12 Yankees on the IL:

Miguel Andujar (3B): Labrum Tear in Right Shoulder, Potentially back in June

Update: Randy Miller of wrote a post this morning about what the tweet below means for the Yankees and Miguel Andujar. Check it out here: “What to make of Yankees’ Miguel Andujar throwing, swinging with small labrum tear

Considering that we were hearing horror stories about missing Andujar for the entire season in the days following his labrum tear, this news is always a plus. If he can come back at all this season, without risking longer-term injuries, that’s great.

Dellin Betances: Right Shoulder Impairment; Potentially back in May

Update: We got an update both before and after yesterdays loss to the Chicago White Sox, with some not-so-good news on the Dellin Betances front with his shoulder injury.

Also, not a good sign from the Yankees is how they knew of Betances’s bone spur from when they first signed him, yet Betances said he first heard of this bone spur thing yesterday. This is not a good sign, credits to Randy Miller for the report.

As stated below by Sweeny Murti, it appears as though late-May is going to be the timetable for Betances to return, which based off of how the bullpen has been so far this year, cannot come soon enough.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Recovering from August 2018 Hip Surgery; No timetable for Return

Update: This is not a good sign for any Jacoby Ellsbury fan. This moves very well cements the idea that Jacoby Ellsbury is a long way off from returning to the big leagues.

Didi Gregorius: Recovering from October 2018 Tommy John Surgery; Potentially back in June

Update: No update tweets for Didi Gregorius, but this article from on April 5th said that while he is still a while away from playing in rehab games, he has started baseball-related activities including swinging a bat and throwing.

It’ll be some time before a return, but the important thing is keeping Didi healthy.

Ben Heller: Recovering from April 2018 Tommy John Surgery; Potentially back in June

Update: These updates are always the best in my opinion. As a player recovers from TJS, the less news about them, the better. It means that Heller here is going through the protocol, having no major set-backs, and will hopefully hit his timetable for return.

Aaron Hicks: Lower Back Stiffness; Potentially back in May

Update: A good update for Aaron Hicks from Randy Miller, below, with saying that Hicks seems to be over the back injury, so the rehab process has begun for him with getting back into shape for baseball-related activities and rehab games.

Jordan Montgomery: Recovering from June 2018 Tommy John Surgery; Potentially back in August

Update: Like above with Ben Heller, there have been very few updates regarding Jordan Montgomery is his return from TJS. I take this as a good sign that everything in his rehab process is going well.

CC Sabathia: Recovering from October 2018 Knee Surgery and a December 2018 Angioplasty; BACK TODAY!

Update: He’s Back! Make it 11 men on the IL.

After serving his 5-game suspension to start the season for hitting Jesus Sucre in his final start for the Yankees last year, CC Sabathia was scheduled to be moved to the 10-Day IL before returning today to pitch again for the Yankees. Welcome back CC!

Gary Sanchez: Left Calf Strain; Could be back by the end of April

Update: This appears to be a cautionary tale by the Yankees medical staff, with even Gary Sanchez himself saying that he doesn’t see himself being on the IL for longer (or much longer than) the 10-day period. However, Aaron Boone did not seem confident in a return being so soon, so maybe this could be something that pushes into May.

Luis Severino: Right Rotator Cuff Inflammation and a Grade 2 Lat Strain; No timetable for Return

Update: As with above with Betances, it seems as though the Yankees medical staff is missing some important things with communication, on top of other things. As reported by James Wagner (of the New York Times), the Yankees are trying to figure out how Severino suffered a Grade 2 Lat injury.

He was starting a throwing program, but this extra injury on top of the rotator cuff has seemed to sideline him for the time being.

Giancarlo Stanton: Grade 1 Left Bicep Strain; Potentially back in late April

Update: Unlike with Gary Sanchez, it does appear that Aaron Boone is confident in a return that could be soon with Giancarlo Stanton. As of yesterday, Stanton was hitting off a tee and playing soft-toss again, which are good signs that a return is on schedule for the end of April or early May.

Troy Tulowitzki: Left Calf Strain; Potentially back in May

Update: There have been little to no reports on Troy Tulowitzki since he was placed on the IL. If anything comes out, we will update, but it appears as though he is just following the protocol for his calf injury.

(All injury information and expected dates back, from MLB Injury Report.)