Breaking: Phillies Sign Bryce Harper to Largest Free-Agent Deal in Sports History (13 Years, $330 Million)

The offseason of Manny Machado and Bryce Harper (and Patrick Corbin…remember he was a top-name to acquire this offseason?) is finally over.

First off the board came Manny Machado, who signed a 10-Year, $300 Million deal with the Padres just over a week ago. Here are some perspectives from writer Paul Semendinger from the day after the deal was first announced.

Earleir today, however, Jon Heyman posted the most simple tweet to convey the news, “Breaking: Bryce to the Phillies”. Following this came a flurry of tweets regarding how many years and salary, lack of opt-outs or deferrals, luxury tax considerations, and the like. (As always, linked tweets will appear in the article.)

The AAV on this deal will be about $25.4M a year for luxury tax purposes, which is in-line with most major contracts for top baseball players, and will set the Phillies up to have a solid support system around their new outfielder.

Ethan’s Quick Take: I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. The AAV is low enough that I can’t fathom not being able to sign Harper, but the years (until he’s 39!) is a major detractor for me. I think I am going to need to sit on this before I decide how I truly feel. Right now though, I’m content that this offseason of rumors is over.