(Updated) Weather Forecast: Gray Skies Soon Clearing in NYC; Sonny Days for Cincinnati Inbound

Throughout this offseason, there have been many moves that have had just about daily coverage involving where certain players will be signing or where certain players will be traded. Of these players- Harper, Machado, Kimbrel, etc.- one Yankee pitcher has been linked in trade talks to just about every team in baseball.

Within the last week, Jon Heyman tweeted that at least 6 teams (the Reds, Brewers, A’s, Padres, Mariners, and Braves) were interested in trading for the Yankees pitcher, and two other teams (Marlins and Mets) were linked to him much earlier in the offseason by Max Wildstein.

However, it now appears that the Cincinnati Reds have emerged as the one team to finally end this wild ride of rumors involving Sonny Gray.

Per Jon Heyman, the New York Yankees and Reds are finalizing a deal to send RHP Sonny Gray to Cincinnati for a package of two prospects- most notably 2B Shed Long- and a 2019 draft pick. All that is left is for some 40-Man Roster crunching and the passing of physicals.

Sunday (1/20) Late-Morning Update:

Ken Rosenthal tweeted this morning that one of the major hold-ups in the Sonny Gray deal is because of a potential extension that may be being negotiated between the Reds and Gray.

This wouldn’t be the first potential hold-up in the deal, as some fans had a speculation involving the Cincinnati Reds Winter Caravan, and how the two teams were waiting for catching prospect Trevor Stephenson- who was originally rumored to be in the deal- to return from the tour to be traded. (However, it no longer appears that Stephenson is a part of the deal, but this was an interesting take on why the deal was moving slowly now that the structure seems to be finalized.)

About 30 minutes later, Jon Heyman also speculated in agreeance with the above tweet by Rosenthal, while reaffirming that the deal is looking to be Sonny Gray for Shed Long & a 2019 Draft Pick, but was potentially being held-up by a potential contract extension for Gray.

Update Late-Afternoon (1/20):

Ken Rosenthal is now reporting that there looks to be no expectation for a resolution on this deal for tonight, and adds that the Reds have until “late in day tomorrow” to agree on a contract extension with Sonny Gray. However, if that extension is not completed, there is no word on whether or not the Yankees will try and keep pursuing this trade with the Reds or another team.