Yanks 12, Rays 1 -- Magic Roman Numeral is I

Gardy started the game off with a double. After Judge struck out, Voit and Stanton both walked and the bases were loaded — the Yanks Achilles heal this season. Then the Ray's’ opener Schultze (not associated with Snoopy) threw a WP and Gardy scored. Relieved of a bases loaded situation Andujar hit a 3-run HR to the area formerly known as “The 162 Landing.” And the Yanks never looked back.

The Yanks scored 3 more in the top of the 4th on an RBI single by Romine, a SF by Judge, and an RBI double by Voit.

CC was perfect through 3.2 innings before Wendle (not Wilkie) hit a single through the left side of the infield, beating the shift. It would be the only hit give up by Hundred Hundred (just a little fun with Roman Numerals).

And then came the 6th. Kittridge threw a pitch behind Romine’s shoulder/neck in retaliation for Bauer’s being hit in the hand in the 5th by CC. The Yanks responded with a Hechy single, a Gardy triple, a Judge SF. and solo shots by Voit and Stanton. Yanks 11, Rays 0

In the bottom of the 6th, the Rays catcher Sucre led off. Despite needing only 2 more innings to qualify for an innings pitched bonus of $500K, CC threw at and hit Sucre. He and Boone were ejected.

Cessa replaced CC and pitched 3 innings giving up only an HR to Cron, while striking out 5. Stanton finished the Yanks scoring with a solo (not Han) shot in the top of the 9th. Loaisiga pitched the 9th and walked one, while striking out two.

Yanks now have 260 HRs — tied for second with the 2005 Texas Rangers. Need 4 to tie the record!