Game Thread #159: Yanks (97-61) vs Tampa Bay (88-70)

Season Series: Tampa Bay 9, Yanks 9

CC gets his personal 3Bman and Gray’s personal catcher. McCutchen gets a day off. Torres starts.


Gardner, CF
Judge, RF
Voit, 1B
Stanton, LF
Walker, 3B
Andujar, DH
Torres, 2B
Romine, C
Hechevarria, SS
Sabathia, P

Tampe Bay

Smith, CF
Pham, LF
Wndle, 3B
Cron, DH
Lowe, 2B
Adames, SS
Bauers, 1B
Gomez, RF
Sucre, C
Schultz, P

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