Game Summary: Baltimore 6, Yankees 3

You expect to beat a team at home that has lost 109 games. You expect to beat a team at home that has lost 109 games and the starting pitcher has to leave after four pitches. You were wrong.

The Yanks started off like it was going to be a good day. After four pitches they forced the O’s starter Alex Cobb to leave the game — well, it was a blister on his finger. The first three Yankees all walked and everyone (well most of us) were worried because of the Yanks history with the bases loaded and no outs. Torres hit a sac fly and the Yanks had a 1-0 lead when McCutchen scored, with Stanton going to third. Andujar then singled in Stanton and the Yanks led 2-0. Walker the struck out with 2 on base. However, Sanchez hit a low and away pitch for a single and the Yanks led 3-0. Hechevarria then made the third out.

Happ, who was not really sharp, gave up a solo shot to Beckham in the top of the second (Score now 3-1) Happ didn’t give up another run, but left after 5 innings having thrown 107 pitches. Things were a little interesting in the top of the 5th when Valer tripled with one out. The ball hit the bottom of the wall and bounced away from McCutchen. When Villar hit a grounder to 1st, Walker scooped it up and while running threw home — a very nice play. Using his leg to partially block the plate, Sanchez tagged Valer for the second out. Valer hurt his hand on the slide and had to leave the game. With Mancini batting, Villar tried to steal and was out on a great throw by Sanchez and an ever better swipe tag by Torres. Inning over, still 3-1 Yanks.

In the top of the 6th Boone when to ace reliever AJ Cole. a double by Mancini and homers by Beckham (his 2nd of the day) and Nunez gave the O’s a 4-3 lead and Boone lifted Cole. Kanhle gave up a double to Rickard, who then advance to 3rd on Wynns ground out and scored on DJ Stewart’s pinch hit sac fly. Baltimore up 5-3.

Cessa pitched the last three innings, giving up one run in 8th on a two out walk to Wynns and a double to Stewart. Baltimore 6-3.

After the first inning the Yanks had a grand total of 2 hits. Not enough.


This was a game the Yanks really should have won and needed to win to stay on course for the Wild Card game to be played at YS3. However, Boone decided to sit Hicks, Judge, and DD. Their replacements (Walker, Hechevarria, and Gardner) went 0 for 7, leaving 7 men on base.

Sure it makes sense to rest some guys, BUT they haven’t secured home field yet. They have 7 tough games upcoming. They have two days off before the WC game.

OK, maybe Hicks needed some time off after fouling a ball off his ankle yesterday, but Boone had him PH in the 7th and then play CF.

There are two pitchers who should should never be in a game before the Yanks clinch the home field — Cole & Gray. Cole was brought in with a 3-1 lead and after three batters Baltimore led 4-3. Kahnle, another guy not doing well, gave up the 5th run.

(The rest of this post has been deleted because of language.)