8/12 Game Recap: CC Delivers!

The Yankees got exactly what they needed today. CC Sabathia fired six scoreless innings against the Texas Rangers, allowing just one hit, which did not even leave the infield. In a stretch where the Yankees find themselves playing twenty straight games, this gave the bullpen a bit of a rest.

Sonny Gray continued his struggling ways allowing two runs on five hits in one inning. Jonathan Holder finished the game by pitching two scoreless innings and allowing only two walks.

The Yankees offensive excitement came off the bats of Didi Gregorius and Giancarlo Stanton, who both hit home runs scoring three of the seven Yankees runs. With Judge and Sanchez out of the lineup, it is essential for Didi and Giancarlo to pick up the missing pieces as they did today.

It was comforting to see the Yankees play well against a sub-500 team, as this has been a struggle of late.