Game Thread #41: Yanks (28-12) vs Nationals (24-18)

Yanks have recalled C-Fraz and DFA'd Hale. 

Gardy benched! Gregorius dropped in batting order. Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez bat consecutively. With DD, Nationals have to face 4 consecutive 10 or more HR hitters! 

UPDATE: Casey is no longer a C-Fraz fan. His twitter account has a cat avatar, 

Will the Yanks bullpen continue to give Boone the finger? Will a Yankee pitcher get a hit? 


Hicks, CF
Judge, RF
Stanton, LF
Sanchez, RF
Gregorius, SS
Austin, 1B
Andujar, 3B
Torres, 2B
Tanaka, P


Turner, SS
Harper, RF
Rendon, 3B
Adans, LF
Kendrick, 2B
Reynolds, 1B
Stevenson, C
Severino, C
Gonzalez, P

Game on YES.