State of the Blog - October 10, 2018

First, we would all like to thank all of our loyal readers for a very successful first season here at SSTN.

In this, our first year as Start Spreading The News, we have enjoyed 418,000 page views (and still our first year isn’t quite over yet). To date, we have had a 73.8% increase in page views from the previous year. As Phil Rizzuto would have said, “Holy Cow!”

Please know this, we couldn’t have done any of this without you. Thanks for being loyal readers. We appreciate every single visit! Thanks for sharing your love of Yankees baseball with us.

For the off-season, we plan to deliver the same honest reporting on the Yankees with daily features. The blog will be very active all off-season. We will share our thoughts, our ideas, our hopes, and our dreams. We won’t always be correct in our analysis, but we’ll always be honest in our approach. We’ll also delve into some Yankees history, and will post links, baseball photos, Tweets, and all of the great stuff you have come to expect from this site. In addition, I’ll be sharing some passages from my own published and unpublished writings including some passages from my wonderful novel that will be published next October. This is all great stuff that you won’t want to miss!

One big change coming to the site is in regard to the DISQUS comments. The current system is the last holdover from our old IIATMS days and it needs to updated. We wanted to wait until season’s end to do this work. It is probable that the comments that have all been posted will not survive this transition. If you’d like to save any of your work, I suggest doing this as soon as possible. The change-over will take place at any time beginning next Monday (October 15). This could take minutes or days, I just don’t know. We’re jumping into uncharted territory.

While we’re disappointed that the season is over, the post-season should be great. I’m hoping the Yankees have an active post-season with lots and lots of signings, trades, and positive news. Whatever happens, it’ll be fun. We’re glad you’re taking this journey with us.

Thank you!