#13 Days Until Opening Day

According to baseball-reference.com, twenty two players have worn uniform #13 as a Yankee.  

It is always interesting to look deeper into lists like this.  A few notes:

  • Spud Chandler was the first Yankee to wear #13.  He wore the number for only one season (1937, his rookie year).  Chandler was better known for wearing #21 which he wore from 1938-1947.  When Spud Chandler won the MVP Award in 1943, he was wearing #21

  • Lee Stine wore #13 in 1938, but he appeared in only four games early in the season for the Yankees.  Those were the last four games of Stine's short (49 total games) big league career.

  • Cliff Mapes wore #13 in 1948, but again for just one year, and again as a rookie.  He wore this number when he first came up, but also wore uniform #3 that year.  Mapes was a Yankee from 1948 through 1951.  In 1949, Mapes began wearing #7.  Mapes was the last Yankee to wear #3 before it was retired for Babe Ruth.  He was also the second to last player to wear #7 before Mickey Mantle.  (Bob Cerv was the last player to wear #7 before Mantle.)

  • After Cliff Mapes, no Yankee wore #13 for twenty-two years before former Rookie-of-the-Year Curt Blefary wore the number in 1970 and 1971.  Blefary was the first Yankee to wear the number for more than one season.

  • The first Yankee to wear #13 for a significant amount of time was Mike Pagliarulo who, after trying out uniform numbers 46 and 3, settled on #13 for the bulk of his Yankee career wearing the number from 1986 through 1989.

  • Jim Leyritz was the next Yankee to wear the number for a significant period of time.  He wore #13 from 1993 to 1996 (after previously wearing #12 from 1990-1992).  Leyritz was traded to the California Angels after the 1996 season.  When he returned to the Yankees in 1999 and 2000, he also wore #13.  Jim Leyritz was wearing #13 when he hit the big World Series changing home run in the 1996 Fall Classic:

  • Alex Rodriguez played 1,509 games as a Yankee.  We wore #13 throughout his entire tenure in the Bronx.  He appeared in seven All-Star Games in #13 and won two MVP Awards with that uniform.  

  • No one has has worn #13 since A-Rod.

The following are all of the 22 players who wore #13 as a Yankee:

Alex Rodriguez (2004-2016)

Antonio Osuna (2003)

Michael Coleman (2001)

Jose Vizcaino (2000)

Jim Leyritz (1993-2000)

Jeff Manto (1999)

Mike Figga (1998-1999)

Willie Banks (1998)

Charlie Hayes (1997)

Gerald Williams (1992)

Torey Lovullo (1991)

Alvaro Espinoza (1990)

Mike Blowers (1989)

Mike Pagliarulo (1986-1989)

Keith Smith (1984-1985)

Bobby Brown (1980-1981)

Doyle Alexander (1976)

Walt Williams (1974-1975)

Curt Blefary (1970-1971)

Cliff Mapes (1948)

Lee Stine (1938)

Spud Chandler (1937)