The End...And A New Beginning


In my world It's About The Money has always been one of the few must-read Yankees blogs.  In fact, it has always been one of the Big-Two Yankees Blogs as far as I am concerned.  Many of the blogs I used to follow religiously have long since gone, but It's About The Money and River Ave Blues have stood the test of time.  One can only imagine my absolute joy and elation when EJ Fagan welcomed me to the staff of writers and podcasters last year.  I truly felt that I hit the big time.  And I did.  In many ways, this has been the fulfillment of most of a lifelong dream.  (Now, if John Sterling lets me into the booth with him next year, I will have met all my lifelong dreams...)

There is very real personal sadness inside of me knowing that It's About The Money is shutting down.  I would have never, in a million years have thought that I would be the one to carry on the legacy of this outstanding blog.  But life sometimes happens when no one is watching and rather than let the blog just go away, I offered to give it new life.


While the blog will no longer be titled It's About The Money, the content and many of the writers will carry on the fine traditions of this site.  I have a sincere and personal desire to keep this blog going and to maintain the high standards that have already been established.  

In short, It's About The Money will be re-branded as NYY Report with the tag line "Start Spreading the News."  Our web address will be  But, until all the technological machinations are complete, we will continue to post here.  We will provide our loyal readers with plenty of notice before we switch to the new domain.

Banner design by Ethan Semendinger

Banner design by Ethan Semendinger

Many of our writers will be staying with us and will be writing for the new page.  You can expect the same high quality writing, analysis, predictions, and such.  We will write from the heart and with passion, as always, even if we are not always correct in all our assessments.

The It's About The Money archives will also travel with us to the new domain.  All of the great work of the past will still be there.  It will just be in a new home.


I will be bringing a few new writers into the fold.  You will get to know them as well as you know us.  I'm sure you will enjoy each of them.  I promise that their posts will add to the enjoyment of the blog and the way each reader follows the Yankees.  

Soon, I will be holding "open auditions" for other writers who would also like to join our team.  Once we change the contact information over to me, I will ask for interested parties to reach out with writing samples to select a few more rookies to help round out our starting rotation and bullpen.


As I stated at the start, I have to thank EJ Fagan from the bottom of my heart.  Last winter, I reached out to him offering my services to the blog.  EJ gave me a chance and treated me as his equal (which I am not) from the very start.  I immediately felt like part of the team.  None of this would be possible without EJ's true kindness and belief in me.  I look forward to keeping our relationship through the podcasts and hope that when the mood strikes, he pens an occasional piece for the new blog.

The other writers (in no particular order) Scott Moss, Andy Singer, Derek Albin, William Tasker, James Carothers, and Phil Cashier have all been a pleasure to work with.  They also welcomed me and treated me with kindness and support.   I give my thanks to them for making this rookie feel like a big leaguer from the start.  I am hoping that all stay with us through the move and contribute as often as they can.

And to Jason Rosenberg, I can only offer a very humble Thank You.  This is your blog.  You created it and made it something real and big and vibrant and noteworthy.  When you heard that I was willing to take this thing over, you embraced the idea - and me - as if I am a worthy successor to all that you did.  I am in awe of the task and the responsibility that you are giving me. Thank You for believing and putting your trust in me.  I promise to work diligently to maintain the lofty standards you set.  I know you feel that you have lost your fastball, but we will always be honored to have you toss a few innings for us whenever you wish.  Your change-up is a way better pitch than my very best fastball.  

Following the standards set by Jason and EJ, I kind of feel like Didi Gregorius trying to replace not one, but two legends.  I only hope I produce as well as Didi has along with bringing that same joy, energy, and spirit that makes a team truly whole.

And so we move ever forward!