It's Not All Over: Where to Find Our Writers, Podcast Going Forward

As Jason announced this morning, this blog in its current form is ending after ten years. I was the last editor in a long line of much better editors to lead the blog, but never had the time and energy to make the blog succeed. I was always much more comfortable being the technical guy who writes a quirky post once a month.

However, my passion for the last two years has been our great podcast. I'm pleased to say that the podcast will continue living on at Baseball Prospectus' BP Bronx site, which is edited by former IIATMS editor Stacey Gotsulias. The transition will not happen immediately, so episodes will continue to be posted here for the time being. I'll put out instructions in the podcast feed. Derek Albin will be joining me at BP Bronx. Don't worry, nothing is paywalled. 

Paul Semendinger will post in this space at some point soon his plans for the future of the site. Fear not, there will still be blogging (and the archives of this blog) from many of your favorite writers. 

Thank you all for the chance to write about baseball in my free time here for the past six years.