ALCS e # 3: Astros (2-0) vs Yanks (0-2)

Magic Number for ALCS: 8

Headley at DH. Minor line-up order changes.

Can the Yanks rebound at home? Can CC continue his string of great pitching? Can Judge and Sanchez get hot? Can the Yanks stop Altuve and Correa? Can any player feel their nose and hands?


Springer, CF
Bregman, 3B
Altuve, 2B
Correa, SS
Gurriel, DH
Gattis, C
Gonzalez, 1B
Reddick, RF
Maybin, CF
Morton, P


Gardner, LC
Judge, RF
Gregorius, SS
Sanchez, C
Bird, 1B
Castro, 2B
Hicks, CF
T. Frazier, 3B
Headley, DH
Sabathia, P

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