Wednesday News And Notes: 2/4/15

Slow news day and I'm sick.  Here's what's happening: - The James Shields winds have started blowing again, with a report out today that he's expected to sign by the end of the week.  Both Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman have reported that the Yanks are not interested and not pursuing him, but like I said yesterday, I'll believe that when he signs somewhere else.

- Via Jesse Sanchez of, Yoan Moncada is looking to sign with a team soon and even got a direct quote from him stating that:

"My goal is to sign with a team soon, start training with them, and make it to the Major Leagues as fast as I can with whichever team that might be."

Those are my goals too, Yoan.  What a funny coincidence.

- In the prospect and projection world, Dan Szymborski released his ZiPS projection top 100 prospects list for 2015 yesterday.  Like Keith Law's list, it featured Aaron Judge and Greg Bird as the 2 Yankee representatives, with Judge ranking lower on the ZiPS list (48th) and Bird higher (60th) than they did on Law's.

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IIATMS Prospect Week 2015: Final Wrap-Up

I hope everybody had fun reading all of our Prospect Week posts this past week, especially the IIATMS Top 30.  If, for any reason, you missed anything earlier this week, here's a quick recap post with all the links to the most important stuff. IIATMS Top 30:

- Positions 35-31 - Positions 30-21 - Positions 20-11 - Positions 10-1 - The Individual Lists

Player Profiles:

- Miguel Andujar - Jake Cave

Thanks to everybody for reading and thanks to those who commented.  Prospects are always a fun topic to debate.  Now let's see how this crop does in 2015 and we'll go back and update the list roughly 1 year from now.

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Thursday Morning Prospect Porn: FanGraphs Videos

Kiley McDaniel is expected to release his prospect evaluation of the Yankee farm system later today over at FanGraphs, and as a way to tie fans over until then he uploaded a literal (figurative) crap ton of videos to the FG YouTube page. This thing's got everybody.  Top prospects, non-prospects, guys who aren't with the organization anymore, 2014 international signings, everybody.  Check out the whole slew of them right here and sit tight.  His post and Part II of the IIATMS Top 30 are coming soon.

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IIATMS Prospect Week 2015 Primer

By this time tomorrow, we'll already be waist-deep in IIATMS Prospect Week 2015.  If you're a diehard prospect hugger, or even just a casual prospect follower, you'll be in heaven.  If you're not, you'll have a great chance to get educated and updated on what's what in the Yankee farm system. To get people in the right prospect mindset, I wanted to go back and revisit some of the more significant prospect-related posts we've written here in the last year.  Consider this the primer for what's to come in the next week.

- Yanks Need To Stay Aggressive With Their Outfield Prospects (2/2/14) - A discussion on why the Yankees should not slow down the development of their top young outfielders because of the signing of 2 free agents last offseason.  It wasn't a great year for the group overall, but the lack of depth and injury risks in right field do put some of these players on the fringe of roster consideration in 2015.

- Shaking Things Up With Pirela Or Refsnyder (6/9/14) - These are 2 names that most Yankee fans are familiar with today, regardless of whether they're serious prospect followers.  You'll see here that the call for their insertion into the lineup goes back further than just this offseason.

- Prospect Profile: Tyler Webb (8/11/14) - There are a ton of high-upside lefty arms in the Yankee bullpen now.  This is one that hasn't drawn a lot of attention since being drafted, but has put up some very good numbers and been fast tracked up to Triple-A.

- The Prospects Most Likely To Help At The Major League Level In 2015 (11/3/14) - A quick look at a lot of the upper-level players who will, should, or could break into the show this year.  One of them won't be doing it with the Yankees if he does.

Is It Really 2B Rookie Time? Will No Humdrum Vet Displace Refsnyder’s Shot? (12/23/14) - Comparing Rob Refsnyder's performance and projections to other free agent second basemen as an argument for why he should get the job this year.

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Thursday morning news and notes: 3/21/13

We're past the halfway mark of the month of March and for some odd reason, I'm still tempted to type in '12 as the year. I've nearly done it every morning this week. Maybe that will teach me to start writing after I have my coffee. So what happened yesterday? Well, there was this story from Bob Nightengale about MLB's pursuit of everyone involved in the Biogenesis brouhaha but specifically Ryan Braun. Now, according to Tom Hardicourt, MLB is denying that. MLB VP Rob Manfred said in a statement to Hardicourt's Milwaukee Sentinel, "Everyone whose name has surfaced surrounding the Miami New Times story and Biogenesis is being investigated with equal vigor."

Yeah, sure.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports published a piece late last night that basically backs up Nightengale's piece by stating that indeed, Braun, along with Alex Rodriguez remain the main targets of MLB's probe. It makes sense since Braun, circumvented the system and was able to successfully appeal a positive drug test because of a botched chain of command. As for Rodriguez, this is just the latest in a string of investigations he's been involved with. From gambling to steroids, Rodriguez always seems to be public enemy number 1 in MLB's eyes.

This whole thing reeks of McCarthyism to me.

In non-steroid news, Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger reports that Chien-Ming Wang showed up at the Yankees' minor league complex yesterday and pitched in front of a group of scouts while in pursuit of a minor league deal. Wang could be an interesting addition to the team but as McCullough says, so could Vidal Nuno who has put on quite a show himself this Spring. Yesterday he threw five innings of two-hit ball against the Red Sox which lowered his Grapefruit League ERA to 0.68.

(click "full view post" to continue reading)

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Vernal Equinox late morning links: 3/20/13

I woke up early this morning, poured myself a cup of coffee and I opened my laptop. My goal was to read some of the better stuff out there and to pass it on to you. Luckily for me, and for you, the internet didn't disappoint me on this first day of Spring. First up, a piece by Bob Nightengale of USA Today about MLB's Biogenesis witch-hunt. Investigators are hellbent on nailing people like Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez to the wall. Braun is the bigger target because he was successfully able to win his appeal last year after a positive drug test.

His successful appeal of a positive testosterone test led to major revisions in baseball's sample collection process last year.

Baseball officials, from the top executives in New York to their field investigators, refuse to let it go.

They want Braun — badly. They have been relentless in their pursuit, trying to make life as miserable as possible for him.

Is it just me or does this bit of information make MLB officials look extremely vindictive and petty?

Wait, no, I was wrong, this next bit of the story makes them look even worse:

Yet in case you think MLB officials will just throw their hands up in exasperation, the league reminded everyone of its power last weekend, suspending Detroit Tigers minor league pitcher Cesar Carrillo for 100 games. Carrillo never tested positive, but his name surfaced in Biogenesis documents.

MLB called him in and told him that if he told the truth, punishment might be minimized. Carrillo talked, MLB didn't believe him, according to two officials with direct knowledge of the testimony, and whacked him. He received 50 games for appearing in the Biogenesis records and 50 games for being uncooperative.

The players union could only watch, knowing that since Carrillo was not on a 40-man roster it was powerless to help him.

Wow. Read the entire piece. I was flabbergasted.

In case you missed it yesterday, a person named Robbie Knopf wrote a piece about Josh Lueke of the Tampa Bay Rays. You know Lueke, right? The alleged - but who is more than likely - rapist who only served 42 days after a plea deal. Yes, him. Anyway, the piece by Knopf has been taken down, probably because of negative reactions to it, but thanks to the magic of the internet, a cached version of the article is still up. I won't recap what Knopf said in his piece, mainly because it makes me so mad I want to punch something, but Bill Parker of the Platoon Advantage wrote a great piece in response to Knopf's.

Bottom line is, yes, a redemption story involving Josh Lueke would be a nice thing but Knopf went about it the wrong way.

And finally, I won't even spoil this next one. It's called Grand Theft Baseball by Jonah Keri of Grantland and it's fantastic.

Just read it.

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Tuesday morning news and notes: 3/19/13

Good morning! It's Tuesday March 19, 2013 and Joe Girardi still doesn't know who will be in the starting lineup Opening Day but, hey, he knows who is starting today! Brett Gardner CF Derek Jeter SS Ichiro Suzuki LF Kevin Youkilis 1B Travis Hafner DH Brennan Boesch RF Chris Stewart C Ronnier Mustelier 3B Corban Joseph 2B

RHP Adam Warren

Jeter is starting at SS but who knows what will happen on April 1? Maybe he'll DH or maybe, "I could play short, too. I could play center field. I could catch. I could pitch. … My job is to get ready to play."

Could you imagine Jeter pitching? That would be quite a sight.

In case you missed it yesterday, MLB and the MLBPA are talking about implementing an international draft and it could happen as soon as June 1. This move doesn't make a lot of sense to smarter people than me. Mike Axisa of CBS Sports thinks the move is counterintuitive and that while the union and owners may be in love with the idea of spending less money on amateur players, an international draft may cause some of those players to stay away from MLB if the money isn't there.

Some quick notes:

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Wednesday morning Yankees news and notes: 3/6/12

It was the wrist pop heard around the world. The biggest news yesterday was yet another injury to a key Yankee. This time the victim was Mark Teixeira who was practicing for the World Baseball Classic when he heard a pop in his right wrist while swinging off a tee.

Say it with me now, "Noooooooo!"

X-rays were taken and they were negative. Teixeira left Arizona yesterday, headed to New York to see the Yankee team doctor and others, to conduct more tests and is expected to miss at least two weeks.

Last night, another injured member of the Yankees organization, GM Brian Cashman, had this to say about Teixeira's injury:

“I’m obviously worried about it,” Cashman said, “because wrists are very unpredictable. Even if you can get a positive diagnosis back, which of course we hope for, that still doesn’t mean you are out of the woods because wrists are tricky. They are hard to get a handle on. So I’m concerned about it.”

Cashman reported that he was pain-free last night. The doctors put a plate and eight screws into his leg in a surgery performed Monday night. He'll be in a cast for eight weeks - yikes - and will not be able to drive a car.

More on Tex's injury:

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Tuesday morning Yankees news and notes: 3/5/12

There's really not a lot going on today. Yesterday's big news was Brian Cashman breaking his leg and dislocating his ankle. And today's big news? All of the jokes about the Yankees being so old that even their GM is on the DL. Or the stuff written about how Cashman crashing to ground is a symbol of what's to come for the club itself in 2013. Anyway, here are some links for you to read:

The Yankees aren't scheduled to play until 7:05 p.m. tonight which after an off-day seems pretty obnoxious. They're playing the Atlanta Braves in Steinbrenner Field.

In case you missed it, both Brien Jackson and Brad Vietrogoski had pieces that ran this morning on IIATMS. Be sure to read them and make sure you come back and read the stuff we have lined up for the rest of the day. I promise, you won't regret it.

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Monday morning Yankees news and notes: 3/4/12

So, today's news and notes post is going to be a little different than they have been the past week or so mainly because of our exciting announcement from earlier this morning and because of how giddy we all are about it. Also, there is no Yankee game today so we don't have a lineup to post . Anyway, there were some articles written about the Yankees late last night and published this morning for you to look at and here they are:

  • Here's a piece on Andy Pettitte's desire to pitch at 40 by Dave D'Alessandro of the Star-Ledger.
  • In case you missed the news this weekend, Ichiro Suzuki was involved in a car accident after he left the Yankees' Spring Training facilities on Saturday. He escaped unharmed and is expected to be in the game against Atlanta tomorrow. Thank goodness.
  • Both Pettitte and Mariano Rivera are raring to go this season after injuries hampered their 2012 season. Peter Botte of the New York Daily News has that story.
  • George A. King III of the New York Post writes that Derek Jeter is focused on being ready for the April 1 home opener. Jeter said, "“I am always eager to play, but keep in mind April 1 and that hasn’t changed. Trust me, I will play when I get the OK to do so.’’
  • In more news that was mentioned yesterday, Manager Joe Girardi admitted the Curtis Granderson-Brett Gardner position switch experiment is kaput. Granderson's injury has squashed any plans the Yankees had to have the players change positions.

We also have great posts lined up and ready to be published later today from Brad VietrogoskiWilliam Tasker, Michael Jaggers-Radolf and Michael Eder that we hope you will enjoy.

The 2013 season is going to be great, IIATMS readers.

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