Monday Afternoon Links: 5/9/16

Got a little extra time today.  Let's catch up on what else is moving and shaking around the Yankosphere. - On Wednesday, Jason Cohen of Pinstripe Alley explained why the Yankees don't have many options to "shake things up" despite so many calls from the fanbase for them to do so.

- On Thursday, William Juliano of The Captain's Blog looked at some early season performance trends for the Yankees and the rest of MLB.

- On Friday, Evan Davis of BP Bronx made the case for keeping faith in Luis Severino and keeping him up in the big league rotation to work on things.  I think last night's performance speaks perfectly to this argument.

- On Saturday, el duque of It Is High... celebrated David Ortiz's freakout on Friday night and the Yankees coming out on the winning side of it.  Even if everything else falls apart, it's good to know we can still share in our enjoyment of David Ortiz's unhappiness.

- On Sunday, Matt Imbrogno of RAB pinpointed the connection between Nathan Eovaldi's splitter and high HR rate early this season, and gave reasons why we should expect that rate to go down moving forward.

- On Monday, Marly Rivera of ESPN had Aroldis Chapman's thoughts on returning from his suspension.

From the IIATMS team:

- Last Monday, William discussed the difficulties in accepting the new way of doing things in Yankeeland and the resulting changes in Yankee team building and recent performance.

- On Tuesday, Dom broke down the Yankees' putrid stretch of play through various statistical lenses.

New series starts tonight.  Let's start it with a W, eh?