Game 29 Quick Recap: BOS 5 NYY 1

(Editor's Note- I'm sure everybody has noticed the lack of game threads and comment access over the last few days.  We've deactivated the comment section plugin on the blog because we believed it to be the source of some of the recent spam/site access problems that we've had lately.  We're working on making the fixes to eliminate that problem, but for now we're going to keep everything off until we can be sure that the bugs have been fixed.  The site is still active and there will still be new posts.  Just stick with us while we figure out the tech stuff.  Thanks.) Just when you think the Yankees are maybe getting over these early-season blues, they drop a game like last night's in your face.  This game was everything that's wrong with the Yankees on display: inconsistent starting pitching, complete lack of offense, depth issues, and a shaky front end of the bullpen.  Oh well, still a series victory.

Luis Severino really wasn't bad last night.  His outing really did come down to 3 or 4 bad pitches.  Eliminate those pitches and he threw almost 7 innings of 1-hit ball.  His fastball location was much better than it has been both down in the strike zone and on the corners.  His slider continues to make its way down and out of the strike zone where it can be more often swung and missed at.  Severino retired 10 straight from the 1st to the 4th innings and struck out 4 in a row during the run.  In that sample, he was brilliant.

But those 3-4 bad pitches led to the 4 Boston runs that would make the difference in the game.  One was a Yankee Stadium Special home run off the bat of Dustin Pedroia in the top of the 1st.  The luck on the home run location was bad, but Severino gave Pedroia that chance by throwing a fastball up and down the middle with 2 strikes.  He did the same thing to David Ortiz in the 3rd and Ortiz hit it into the right field bleachers.  And just for good measure, Severino grooved another heater for Ortiz to lead off the 7th and watched that one go sailing over the bullpen too.

Any combination of those home runs was enough to best the weak Yankee lineup.  They can never hit knuckleballers and Steven Wright had his working last night.  He threw a complete game on 101 pitches, allowing only 3 hits and striking out 7.  Brett Gardner got him for a meaningless solo home run in the 9th.  Other than that, Wright put the Yankee hitters in a diaper and left them there all night.  Now we get to hear about how much facing this guy threw them off their game when they score 6 runs combined in the next 4 games.

Game Notes:

- Severino did match his career high with 9 strikeouts, and his called/swinging strike total was higher than his foul ball/BIP total, which speaks to better command.  I know the results haven't been there, but there's really no reason to send Severino down to Triple-A.  He isn't going to learn to execute better with 2 strikes down there where he can just throw his fastball by guys.

- The 5th Boston run was charged to Chasen Shreve, who had to battle his way through 4 tough outs.  He really hasn't looked good for a while now.

- The Gardner home run, a Brian McCann bloop single to left, and a Starlin Castro double to lead off the bottom of the 7th.  Those were the Yankee hits.

- Castro's was especially face-palmy after he moved to third base on a McCann flyout and got picked off third straying too far down the line on a ball in the dirt.  It looked like Castro's view of the ball was blocked and he didn't realize how close Ryan Hanigan actually was to it, but if that's the case then you shouldn't be running down the line.  More bad baseball from a bad baseball team.

- Headley XBH Watch: No dice, went 0-3.