Quick Hit: First Round Of ST Roster Cuts Announced

The Yankees announced their first round of roster cuts after this afternoon's game and it's quite the list.  In addition to the players named above, the Yankees also re-assigned Jacob Lindgren, Aaron Judge, Dustin Fowler, and Lane Adams to MiL camp.  This takes a serious chunk of depth out of the original list of ST invitees and demonstrates a concentrated effort on the team's part to separate its top prospects who are not in line for an Opening Day roster spot and org depth players from the true OD roster contenders.

From a purely entertainment standpoint, it's disappointing to see guys like Judge, Mateo, and Kaprielian get cut.  They all got chances to show what they're capable of in different ways and they did a good job stoking the prospect hugging fire with their performances.  Lindgren comes as a bit of a surprise because he was considered a legit candidate for a bullpen spot, but he struggled with his command in his appearances and clearly it's better for him to get some MiL time and get his feel back after the elbow surgery.

More moves will come, but this elimination of MiL talent narrows the focus on the major ST roster battles.  Now we can really start to dissect who's in the best position to take the last few open spots, and I'm sure we'll see one or two of today's cuts back up in the big league dugout/bullpen at some point this season.