Report: Actual MLB Team "Has Had Interest" In Ivan Nova

Deep in the underbelly of his latest weekend MLB column, Nick Cafardo did something that I honestly didn't expect to see done this offseason.  He provided some real, actual, reported evidence that another MLB team is interested in trading for Ivan Nova.  The Yankees have had Nova on the market for a while now, although I think it would be a stretch to say they're actually "shopping" him.  Team-friendly arb deal or not, there's not much about Nova's recent track record that would inspire teams to want to trade something away for him.  And yet Cafardo managed to tie the Marlins to Nova, saying "Miami has had interest." Whether that interest still exists now in the present or only in the past is unknown, and either way there isn't a great match to be made between the Yanks and Marlins.  Miami doesn't have any non-Jose Fernandez young starting pitching of value and there's no way they're trading Marcell Ozuna back to the Yankees for Nova.  Cafardo's report did go as far as referencing additional past interest in Nova and said the Yankees could decide what to do with him within the next month.

I still stand by my assertion that the Yankees are better off keeping Nova than trading him.  This report, while better than nothing, is not exactly a major stoke to the Nova trade fires.  There simply isn't much interest in him, not enough to match the value that Nova could have to the Yankees as additional rotation depth and a potentially useful piece in a retooled bullpen.  There's also the lack of activity on the Yankees' part in adding more rotation depth, depth which would hardly be better than Nova if it comes in the form of a cheap 1-year deal or a MiL offer with an invite to spring camp.  I don't blame the Yankees for trying to move him, but at this point keeping Nova for 2016 seems like the smarter move.