Wednesday Morning Links: 12/30/15

We're coming to the final few strides of 2015.  Hope everybody has at least one New Year's resolution knocked out by now.  I think I had 2 done by Valentine's Day this year and I've been coasting ever since.  Not even worried about next year's yet. - On Monday, Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs broke down all sides of the Aroldis Chapman trade: on-field possibilities, off-field concerns, and the prospects involved.

- On Tuesday, William Juliano of The Captain's Blog discussed the different type of risk the Yankees took in acquiring Chapman and the potential on-field rewards.

- Mike Axisa of RAB looked at how the Yankees' offensive acquisitions could help create a more balanced team approach next season.

- Christina Kahrl of ESPN's SweetSpot put the new Yankee bullpen trio up against the best 'pens of all time to see how they compare.

- ICYMI here last Saturday, Ted took a look at the list of candidates for the final bench spot.  I've already made it known who my choice would be.

- And lastly, via Jon Heyman, Stephen Drew parlayed his monster year with the Yankees into a 1-year, $3 million deal from the Nationals for next season with 1.25 mil in incentives.  I know a lot of you are sad to see him go, and it's going to be a near impossible hole on the roster to fill, but at least we had 2014-2015.

Gotta go with a little Motorhead today.  RIP Lemmy.  What a badass.