Yankees Acquire Starlin Castro From The Cubs For Adam Warren And Brendan Ryan

Joel Sherman has it:

No word yet on who else is involved, but that sounds like it's coming shortly.  This rumor has really picked up steam over the last hour or so, and with the Cubs just signing Ben Zobrist this was the next domino to fall.  More on this story as it's reported.

** UPDATE 7:04 PM** - Via Jack Curry, the Yankees have agreed to trade Adam Warren and a player to be named for Castro.  That's a bummer.  Was really hoping it would be Nova.

** UPDATE 7:13 PM** - Via Jon Heyman, the other player in the deal is Brendan Ryan.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

** UPDATE 7:40 PM** - Alright, I think that's all the news related to this move.  Time for some quick analysis.

Similar to the JRM-Hicks trade, this is a move that works for both sides.  The Yankees clearly weren't sold on the Ackley/Refsnyder platoon as their second base plan for next year, the Cubs are looking for more starting pitching, and they had just landed Zobrist.  The natural match of needs and haves was there.  Yanks get their second baseman for the present and near future, Cubs get that back end arm they wanted to finish their rotation.

It's a bummer to see Warren go.  He was a sneaky valuable part of the team the last few years and I was starting to get excited about the possibility of him getting a real shot at locking down a rotation spot, but the truth is that he was never getting that real shot in New York, not with CC and his big contract around for another year and nobody wanting to take Nova off Cash's hands.  If he wasn't going to be a starter, Warren was probably more valuable to the Yankees as a trade chip than a middle reliever and he lands them another young player with upside.

I forget where I saw this and I'm not looking it up to credit again, but there isn't any money changing hands in this deal.  Cubs aren't picking up any of the $38 mil remaining on Castro's tab.  That's all Yankee money now.  More on the trade and Castro coming tomorrow.