Report: Nothing Close On The Gardner, Miller, Or Nova Trade Fronts

Yesterday George King posted a short article on the Jordan Zimmerman contract and what it meant for the Yankees' search for starting pitching on the free agent market.  If he would have waited a little longer, he could have included David Price in the piece and expanded on his idea, but that's neither here nor there.  While King's argument that the high price for Zimmerman (and now Price) could push the second and third-tier pitching markets out of the Yankees' desired price range is completely spot on, it wasn't the most important part of the article.  The most important part was the end, when King provided an update on the Brett Gardner, Andrew Miller, and Ivan Nova trade situations. That update is that there is nothing going on worth updating.  According to King, the Yankees haven't been impressed by any of the trade offers that have been made for Gardner or Miller and are not close to trading either of them.  King added that there has been little interest on the market for Nova, who is reportedly being shopped around.  For the time being, unless they've really kept something under wraps, it doesn't appear as though there is another major trade in the works for the Yanks.

And none of that is surprising.  Gardner and Miller are very good to great players at their positions who are still in their primes and on pretty reasonable contracts.  Teams would need to put a really good package of players/prospects together to get the Yankees interested and the Yankees have every right to ask for top names in return.  In the same way that they are unlikely to give up Luis Severino to get Shelby Miller, other teams have probably been unwilling to include their blue chippers in their proposals.  No big deal, just both sides doing what's best for their own interests.

Nova's case as a young-ish, cheap, future free agent to be with a 4.33/4.29 career ERA/FIP split, 50.1% career GB rate, and something to prove would be more appealing on the trade market if he wasn't coming off a major injury and 2 pretty bad partial seasons around that.  I said it the other day, Nova isn't going to bring anything of value back on his own.  He's a throw-in piece to a bigger trade at best, and at that market value the Yankees might be better off keeping him.

We'll see what develops heading into next week's Winter Meetings, but right now the stove ain't that hot in the Yankee kitchen.  It's probably safe to touch.