About Last Night: "Act Like You've Been There Before!"

12043017_10154265162067564_3794445628420985872_n "A lot of people asked me if we were going to celebrate today and I said, 'You're darn right we're gonna celebrate." - Alex Rodriguez 10/1/15

Not even 15 seconds after Dellin Betances struck out Josh Rutledge to end last night's game, and to secure their 10,000th franchise win and a trip to the Wild Card game, people were poo pooing the Yankees' celebration. Those people were acting as if the Yankee players should have just shaken each other's hands, quietly left the field, and not cared that they had just made the postseason for the first time since 2012. Well, I'm sorry, but that's a bunch of bullshit.

First of all, most of the people making fun of or complaining about the Yankees for celebrating were Mets fans which is really rich if you ask me. Who are they to say anything about this? Their team just made the playoffs for the first time in eight years. Reactions ranged from "They're celebrating making the Wild Card game! Har har har!" to "It's very un-Yankee-like to celebrate a Wild Card Berth!" Here's a tip: Stop worrying about what the Yankees are doing and celebrate what your own team is doing.

Then we had the "longtime Yankee fans" who were really bent out of shape about last night and who somehow think it's beneath the Yankees to celebrate like that simply for making a one game playoff. They were acting like an upper-crust elderly lady looking down her nose at the help because they didn't put the right amount of sugar in her tea. How dare you do that, you heathens. Again, it's bullshit.

Before the season began, this team wasn't picked by many pundits to make the playoffs. Hell, they weren't even supposed to be over .500. Most people said they'd be third in the division. Some even went so far as to say that they'd be dead last in the division. Almost no one gave them a chance to do anything. A-Rod was going to be cut before Spring Training was over. Mark Teixeira wasn't going to contribute at all. Masahiro Tanaka's elbow was going to fall off. The list goes on and on. The facts are that the Yankees did make the postseason, whether you count the Wild Card game as the postseason or not, and guess what? They have a right to be happy about it! And you know what else? So do we!

Just because they didn't win the Division by 10 games, they can't celebrate? Just because Toronto passed them in the standings that they had no business leading in the first place, they can't be happy with what they accomplished this season? Oh, right, silly me, they have a high payroll. Teams with payrolls that high shouldn't be satisfied with just making the playoffs.

Well, I'm sorry. It's still bullshit.

If the second wild card hadn't been added to the playoff fold, the Yankees would be a playoff team plain and as my dearly departed dad used to always say, I've got news for ya... THEY'RE STILL A PLAYOFF TEAM. And are people forgetting that it was two Wild Card teams that made the World Series last year? Hello? Bueller? Anything can happen once the playoffs start. You all should know that. So don't sleep on the Yankees just because they looked awful in September. Remember the 2000 Yankees? (Note: I'm not saying the 2015 team will do the same thing as the 2000 squad BUT people back in the day weren't exactly jazzed about how the 2000 Yankees backed into the playoffs and were a little fearful that they'd be knocked out early because of how terrible their September was.)

Of course there's a chance they lose the Wild Card game on Tuesday, and if that happens it will be sad, but if they win, will they be allowed to celebrate then? OF COURSE THEY WILL.

So if you're a Yankee fan having to defend your team this morning because they dared to celebrate last night and *gasp* be happy about making the playoffs, tell the people who are complaining to go scratch. Personally I'd tell them to-- You know what? I won't go there but I'll give you hint, what I was going to say isn't very polite or ladylike, and it would make most people clutch their pearls.

Happy Friday!