I still refuse to quote Meatloaf and some thoughts on baseball

Happy Monday morning! I hope you all have nice plans for Labor Day. I did but messed up my knee and instead, I'm home icing it and watching reruns of old game shows. Anyway, here are a few things I wanted to talk about this morning. Some are Yankees related, some are not, but all are baseball related.

1) I am very happy with this weekend's results. And while I would have preferred a sweep because Toronto won't lose, I am glad the Yankees took two out of three games against the still pesky and annoying Tampa Bay Rays. In fact, this was the first time the Yankees won the season series against the Rays since 2009. Doesn't that seem crazy? Yesterday's game seemed like it was going to be a frustrating loss but Brian McCann and Alex Rodriguez had other plans. I actually loved watching the dugout's reaction to A-Rod's home run because they were still celebrating McCann's. The looks on everyone's faces were classic. I really like this team. Are they the best in baseball? No. But they are fun to watch when they win games like yesterday's.

2) The Orioles are rolling into town after dropping two of three to Toronto. That's right, they actually won a game in Toronto. I know, can't believe it either. Bottom line, the Yankees need to win this series. Whether it's a sweep or a two out of three deal, it needs to be a win because the Blue Jays are coming to town after the O's for a four game series and the division will be decided by the head to head match ups. Also, the Blue Jays are playing the Red Sox and while Boston has been playing better of late, I don't see their pitching staff holding down the Blue Jays' offense. But, stranger things have happened. It would be kind of cool to see the Yankees and Jays tied going into this weekend's four-game series. Nah, it would be better if the Yankees were ahead in the standings.

3) Let's talk about Curt Schilling, ESPN and Sunday Night Baseball. I will get this out of the way right now: I do not agree with Curt Schilling's politics in any way, shape or form and I think ESPN had a right to suspend him for his actions following a foolish and racist tweet that he posted a couple of weeks ago. With that said, the Sunday Night broadcasts - and there have been two so far - have been so much better without him. I was discussing this situation with a friend last night while we were watching the Cardinals and Pirates play and I came to the conclusion that the perfect booth will have a play by play person, an analyst and a former player, who wasn't that great in the Majors, but who has a vast understanding of the game and doesn't blather on about nonsense. Putting someone like Schilling in the booth, who doesn't know when to shut up and who drags his broadcast partners down with his rambling stories, is a big mistake and it has been proven over the past two weeks. Last week, Jessica Mendoza took Schilling's spot in the booth and worked well with both Dan Schulman and John Kruk. In fact, her presence elevated Kruk's performance and listening to him was actually tolerable and not a chore. Again, I believe Schilling was dragging him down. Last night, the three-person crew in St. Louis was Mendoza, Aaron Boone and Boog Sciambi and that combination also worked. ESPN named Mendoza as Schilling's replacement for the rest of the season and for the Wild Card game and not because she's female and it's the politically correct thing to do. It's because she's earned it and because she's very good at what she does.

4) CC Sabathia is coming back!


Well, he says he feels better!

*more crickets*

Maybe he'll do well!

*crickets dying*

Or maybe not.

5) Some quick hits:

  • Stephen Drew is still hitting over. 200.
  • Didi Gregorius is on a tear right now. He's batting .435/.458/.609/1.067 since August 31. He's also playing incredible defense.
  • Alex Rodriguez is at 28 home runs on the season. And's now tied with Rod Carew on the all-time hit list with 3,053 hits. Not bad for a guy who was going to be cut before the end of Spring Training.
  • Brian McCann hit his 25th home run of the season yesterday which a new career high for him.
  • Can you believe the Yankees finally beat Chris Archer? It's about damn time!

Bonus thought: This whole Matt Harvey mess is kind of fun to watch just for the sheer entertainment value. You have Mets fans pissed at him for the whole hullabaloo about the innings limit, writers pissed at him for announcing his intentions on The Player's Tribune, and also being pissed at him for inconveniencing them.

What a weekend...

Enjoy your day!