Game 132 Recap: Yankees 13 Red Sox 8

Drew HR vs BOS The last time he faced the Yankees on August 4th, Henry Owens did alright for himself in a 3-run, 5-inning outing that netted him an ND and his team a blowout loss.  He wasn't even close to being that lucky this afternoon, failing to make it out of the 2nd inning and giving up the bulk of an early run-scoring onslaught that the Yankees would use to slowly plod to victory.  Poor bastard.

Owens retired the side in order in the 1st and struck out Carlos Beltran to start the top of the 2nd.  It spiraled downward at warp speed for him from there.  Chase Headley walked on 5 pitches and Greg Bird hit a 2-run home run to get the Yankees on the board.  John Ryan Murphy followed up with a solo shot of his own to make it 3-0, and the Yankees proceeded to go single, single, walk, single, single to make it 6-1 and end Owens' day.  Beltran hit a 2-run homer to welcome Ryan Cook to the game and cap off the 8-run inning.

Masahiro Tanaka used those 8 runs to steady himself after a 1st inning in which he gave up 2 hits and a run.  He gave up another run in the 5th on a Blake Swihart double and Mookie Betts sac fly and another in the 6th on a Xander Bogaerts home run, but there was nothing to get worked up about one way or the other in regards to his start.  Tanaka didn't appear to be overworking himself and he did enough to get the important outs when he needed to.  That 4th run doesn't make his line look great, but 92 pitches, 5 strikeouts to 1 walk, and an easy victory pitching on regular rest.  You have to take that when you can get it.

The Yankees really blew the game open with a Stephen Drew 3-run home run in the top of the 2nd, they tacked on a run for an even dozen in the 5th on a Did Gregorius solo shot, and then watched as the bullpen slowly let the big lead evaporate after Tanaka left.  Andrew Bailey, making his first MLB appearance since July of 2013, gave up a run on 2 walks and a hit in the 7th, Bryan Mitchell got beat up for 2 runs on 4 hits without finishing the 8th, and Caleb Cotham got tagged for a pair of back-to-back doubles in the 9th.  Joe ended up using Deldrew Millances to get the final 5 outs of the game, but you could hardly blame him for doing it.  The rest of the guys were straight booty.  And there's an off-day tomorrow.  Do what you have to do to win that game.

Game Notes:

- Seriously, I don't understand you if you have a problem with Joe going to those guys in those situations.  They haven't been overworked at all lately, they've got a guaranteed day of rest tomorrow to be available again Friday, and that's a game you have to win considering you were up by 11 runs halfway through the game.  If you want to get pissed at somebody, get pissed at the other guys for pitching that poorly.  Bailey, Mitchell, and Cotham faced 12 batters and recorded 2 outs.  That's terrible.  No problem with using them to finish a blowout, but also no problem going to your horses when the other guys can't get the job done.

- Performance aside, good for Bailey for making it all the way back to the show from his shoulder injury.  It took a long time and multiple setbacks, and that's really great for him that he was able to stick with it and come back.  Hopefully his next appearance goes better.

- Didi cannot and absolutely will not stop hitting right now.  2-4 day, 3 more runs scored, and up to .272/.321/.372 on the year.  He's 16-28 with 3 HR, 12 RBI, and 8 R scored in his last 7 games.

- Same deal for Drew on a smaller scale.  He's 9-12 with 2 HR, 2 2B, 9 RBI and 6 R scored in his last 4 games.  Up to .211/.281/.404.

- Nice day for Greg Bird.  2 hits, 2 runs, 2 ribs, a walk, the homer.  For as much as he's been struggling since the 2-homer game, he's still hitting .254/.333/.429.  That ain't bad at all.