Quick hit: A-Rod's Awful August

Just saw this tweeted and wow, A-Rod was worst in August than I thought:

A-Rod's awful August has dropped his season numbers to .256/.364/.487/.851.

If the Yankees have any hope of winning the division - yeah, I know Toronto exists - or at least a chance of locking up a playoff spot, they will need two things to happen: Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez need to start hitting again. Well, in Tex's case, he needs to actually play again but with his leg injury not getting any better that may not happen. So now, it's up to A-Rod and the rest of the offense to make up for Tex's absence.

Since turning 40 on July 27, A-Rod is batting .192/.328/.327/.655. Yikes.

Here's how that looks in spray chart form:

export (69)

Some numbers:

  • He's batting .355/.487/.613/1.100 in 31 at bats against lefties and .123/.256/.205/.461 in 73 at bats against righties.
  • He's really struggling against breaking balls (curves and sliders) .111/.143/.259/.402 and is better but not great against hard stuff .250/.408/.383/.791.
  • He's batting .179/.233/.357/.590 against pitches that are 85-90 mph.
  • He's batting .214/.411/.333/.744 against pitches that are 90-95 mph.
  • In 10 at bats where's hit off 95+ fastballs, he's batting .300/.364/.300/.664 with three singles.

Maybe he's hit a bit of a wall. Rodriguez is on pace play in the most games in a season since his M.V.P. season way back in 2007, and even though he's the designated hitter, it's not unheard of for someone to hit a bit of a wall in August. Hopefully with the turn of the calendar page, Rodriguez will start hitting again.