About Last Night: A brief rant

I went into last night's game against the Red Sox figuring the Yankees would lose because I didn't have much faith in Ivan Nova and because the Red Sox have been good lately so that seemed like a lethal combination which would result in a frustratingly annoying loss. But much to my surprise, as much as watching Nova pitch makes me want to punch things, my own face included, I was most angry with the Yankees' offense after last night's debacle ended. And yes, it was a debacle.

Hey Yankees, here's a tip: When you squander that many scoring chances, you're going to lose the game. And while I appreciate the effort you made in the ninth inning, things would have been a lot better if you actually did something the other times you had the bases loaded during the game.

My goodness.

And even more annoying is the fact that Toronto actually lost a game to the Indians. I know, I can't believe it either. I figured they would score seven runs late like they always seem to do and they actually didn't. So while in the grand scheme of things last night's loss is a big disappointment, it wasn't exactly catastrophic. At least not yet.

If we make it to the end of the season and one game decides the Yankees' fate then we can look back at this one as a giant missed opportunity. But in reality, the Yankees still have seven games left against the Blue Jays and the division, and their playoff status, will be decided then.

In conclusion, last night's game felt like the whole month of August did: It was annoying, frustrating and tiresome to sit through. Now it's September, we're in the homestretch, and we will find if this Yankees team is capable of playing good baseball in the remaining 32 games.

Here's to hoping they can!