IIATMS Podcast Episode 37: Are the Yankees Good?

No, you are not seeing things... we actually recorded a podcast last night! Domenic, E.J. and yours truly were able to set aside some time and talk Yankees baseball! I know, can you believe it? We hadn't done one of these since Opening Day so we went a tad long - understandably - and things got a tad punchy toward the end. Okay, fine, I got punchy at the end. You'll find out about what (or more to the point about whom) when you listen.

We touched upon how the Yankees have done in the 112 games since we recorded the last podcast, we talked David Cone, Alex Rodriguez, Luis Severino, #GREGBIRD, and much, much more.

So sit back, relax, grab something to eat and drink and enjoy. Also, excuse my language.

As usual, if you have questions for the next podcast which we are planning on recording next week, leave them below, tweet us @domeniclanza, @ejfagan and @StaceGots, or tweet the main account @IIATMS.