Monday morning musings: Please calm the @#$% down

image1 Hey Yankee fans, take a page from Alex Rodriguez's book of "Zen Baseball":

"It's a long season. Two good teams. We definitely took a punch this weekend, but good teams punch back."

The Yankees just went through a stretch of nine series where they were 8-0-1 (the one split being the four-gamer in Texas a couple of weeks ago) before getting swept by Toronto. They were playing well and now they're in a stretch where they're not playing so well. It happens. It's called baseball.

And I get it, Toronto is on their heels, they can lose the division and Toronto may never lose again, but let's get some facts right out of the way:

  • It's still only August 10.
  • The fight for the division is far from over.
  • The Blue Jays are a good team.
  • And guess what? So are the Yankees.

Yes, I realize the Blue Jays are leading in the season series. Good for them. It's been a while since they've had a team doing this well, and in turn, getting their fans legitimately excited for the possibility of playoff baseball. Do you realize that the last time the Blue Jays made the playoffs was in 1993 when they won their second of back-to-back World Series titles? I was 19 years-old. I will be 41 in a couple of weeks. That's a long time between playoff appearances.

And just because the Jays are close to taking over the division lead doesn't mean the Yankees are out of the playoff race. They could win the Wild Card. It's also possible that the Yankees and Blue Jays could fight for the division down the stretch. The Yankees won't be shutout the rest of the season and the Blue Jays won't win out. A 60-game winning streak is pretty hard to come by.

My point is that the Yankees were playing great baseball a week ago and now, according to some people, because of five sub-par games, where they've barely scored and were swept by a division rival, they're terrible, horrible, awful and very bad again.

This weekend marked the first time that the Yankees were shut out in back-to-back games since May 1999. That's 2,665 games between back-to-back shutouts. Remember 1999? That team won the World Series that year.

Want to see the lineups from those days? Here you go:

May 12, 1999

May 13, 1999

Look at that! All of the big guns were there both games and they just ran into RISP issues. That 2,665 game streak is a major-league record.

Anyway, the Yankees are off today before heading to Cleveland and then to, you guessed it, Toronto, to face those pesky Blue Jays again so let's try to hold off on panicking until after next weekend's series ends. If the Yankees are swept again, feel free to jump off the ledge to which you're precariously clinging.

Happy Monday!