Game 110 Quick Recap: TOR 2 NYY 0

The Yankees are slumping right now.  The Blue Jays are scorching hot.  Life is tough, but I'm not willing to throw in the towel like so many seem to be doing.  Sooner or later, this team was going to hit a rough patch again.  Call it coincidental that it happened while their closest competitors in the division race were hitting their hottest hot streak at the same time. Sometimes that's baseball. Masahiro Tanaka didn't pitch a bad game today.  What he did do was throw his typical handful of horribly misplaced pitches, and as they've done all season, opposing hitters hit them for home runs.  He hung one to Josh Donaldson in the top of the 1st for the first Toronto run, and he hung another to Jose Bautista in the 4th for the second.  If you hang pitches in hitter-friendly counts and do it against really good power hitters, you're going to pay.  Other than those 2 at-bats, Tanaka was fine.  He went 6 innings, gave up 1 hit, struck out 5, and didn't walk a batter.  Even factoring those homers in, he pitched well enough to win.

The problem was the Yankee lineup refused to generate any runs again.  They wasted a leadoff single in the 3rd, a pair of walks in the 4th, a hit batsman in the 5th, and 2 on with 1 out in the 7th.  They stink right now offensively.  They aren't hitting for any power from the middle of the order and they aren't hitting period from the top and bottom.  It's tough to win baseball games when you don't hit situationally and don't score any runs.

Game Notes:

- Top 5 guys in the Yankee lineup went 0-17 with 3 BB and 4 K.

- Brian McCann went 0-11 with a BB and 3 K in the series.  Stephen Drew is 0-9 with 3 K in his last 3 games.

- Tanaka has given up 15 HR in his last 10 starts, 8 in his last 5.

- Justin Wilson has thrown 2.2 scoreless innings with 1 hit, no BB, and 6 K since Joe pulled him mid-AB against Boston.

- Via friend of the blog Katie Sharp, this game marked the first time the Yankees scored 4 runs in a 5-game span since 1973.  Yay history!

- This game also marked the first time they've been shut out at home in 2 straight games since 1999.  The good news?  They won the World Series that year.