Game 109 Quick Recap: TOR 6 NYY 0

I spent the bulk of my late morning and early afternoon sitting in a car dealership following the game on Gamecast and Twitter, so that tells you how many Saturday went.  I really don't have the energy to write a coherent recap.  Let's just hit the typical Yankee loss talking points, shall we? The Lack of Offense- The Yankee have pounded David Price in the recent past, so this game should have been one to right the offensive ship.  Instead they didn't score anything.  They barely threatened.  3 hits, none for extra bases, and they didn't capitalize on the 2 times they had 2 runners on base.  The slump is real.  4 runs scored in 4 games.

The One Bad Inning- Ivan Nova was a beast through 5.  He struck out 6, only gave up 2 hits, and his stuff was really popping.  Then he tired in the 6th, loaded the bases on a walk and 2 singles, and served up a hanging curveball to Justin Smoak for the game-ending grand slam.

The Bad Managerial Decision- Joe had Adam Warren ready in the bullpen when Nova was hitting the wall in the 6th.  He chose to wait until after Nova had given up the grand slam to bring Warren in, and then chose to change pitchers again after Warren struck out 2 to end the inning.  Can't make this stuff up.

The division lead is down to 2.5 games (4 in the loss column).  Panic if you want to, but I'm going to keep it cool and hope for a breakout and a win tomorrow.

Game Notes:

- Jacoby Ellsbury went 0-5 and looked like crap doing it.  Maybe I was a little too hasty to declare him fine after the home run the other night.

- Brett Gardner didn't start again against a lefty starter, because he can't hit lefties at all.

- Sucks for Nova, because he really looked good over the first 5 innings.  The game-to-game stamina clearly isn't back, another byproduct of TJS recovery.  Still deserved a better result today if his manager didn't have his head up his ass.

- To drive that point home, Nova walked Encarnacion to load the bases on 4 pitches.  What more did he need to do to convince Joe that he was done???  Nobody is slumping worse than Joe right now and he really needs to clean it up.