Quick hit: Is Gordon Edes kidding me right now?

Now, let me preface this mini rant with some information. I do not follow Gordon Edes on Twitter but someone I follow from the @IIATMS* account retweeted this into the timeline, I saw it in Tweetdeck and I had an interesting reaction to it. Here's the tweet in question:

My reaction was as follows:


No, really, is he serious? One pumped up reaction from CC Sabathia after a pretty hairy in-game scenario cancels out over a decade of David Ortiz posing like a statue every time he hits a home run? One reaction from Sabathia getting a big strikeout cancels out Ortiz taking three minutes to round the bases after those home runs? One measly fist pump/scream/roaring-like-a-lion incident cancels out everything Ortiz has done? Nope.

Bite me, Gordon Edes.

(Writer's note: I'm not really that angry but Mr. Edes does has balls the size of the moon if thinks Yankee fans shouldn't be annoyed at Ortiz being a douche all the time.)

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