About Last Night: CC Sabathia

Well, last night's result was unexpected, wasn't it? While I realize the 2015 version of the Boston Red Sox doesn't have the scary lineup that the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays currently pencil in every night, when CC Sabathia is pitching, he can make just about any lineup seem like those formidable Jays for at least an inning. Thankfully for us, and for the Yankees, that didn't happen last night. He had his scary inning - the fifth - but it didn't result in five unanswered runs. Progress!

I think it's safe to say that he pitched his best game in a long time last night.

So how did Sabathia actually pull off that feat? By pitching like the CC of old. Mr. Sabathia was dialing it up to 94 in some spots. Specifically during his bases loaded strikeout of David Ortiz to end the fifth inning. He needed to get the out and he did by pitching Ortiz inside and hard.

Here's his velocity throughout the game: CCspeed86

The highest point, which was clocked at 94.9, was the pitch that struck out Ortiz to end that frightening fifth inning. Brooks baseball is saying that pitch was a sinker.

Here's how they broke down his pitches:

  • Fastball: Avg 93.1 - Max 94.5
  • Sinker: Avg 93.0 - Max 94.9
  • Changeup: Avg 85.5 - Max 86.6
  • Slider: Avg 81.1 - Max 82.3

Sabathia was pretty economical, with the exception of that fifth inning.

Here are his pitch totals by inning:

  • 1: 12
  • 2: 18
  • 3: 14
  • 4: 13
  • 5: 32
  • 6: 10

He threw 99 pitches, 63 of them were for strikes.

Here's what the fifth inning Ortiz at bat looked like from the catcher's point of view:


And here are the pitch speeds: pitchspeedortizatbat

CC had good reason to be pumped up after that strikeout. He only needed four pitches and got Ortiz to miss that 94 mph sinker to end the scoring threat.

Here's the spray chart: export (63)

It was nice to have a game that wasn't a "death by singles" game for CC. Quite refreshing actually.

His final line for the night: Six innings, three hits, one run, three walks, eight strikeouts.

The three walks were frustrating. Especially the walk to Jackie Bradley Jr. that led to the Red Sox scoring their only run of the game. I'm not sure how someone batting .118 can walk two times in a game but it happened. Good thing the second walk, which happened in the ninth inning with Andrew Miller on the mound, didn't come back to bite the Yankees like that first one did.

But enough negativity. CC Sabathia had a strong outing, the Yankees won the game and they took two of three from the Sox.

Have a nice Friday, everyone!

[Graphs, spray charts and numbers courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info and Brooks Baseball]